Kuzonga's Gandhi
INTCH CHCH DEVDHCH BH Kalakamati Ajani x DEVDHCH UHP Rally-B Kuzonga's Cirkeline



Pedigree no. DK12845/2010

Born: 23.06.2010

Height: 66 cm

Weight: 41 kg


AA: 0

OCD: Fri/free/frei

Bite: Full scissor
Degenerative Myelopathy: N/N (fri/free/frei)

Dilute:  DD (fri/free/frei)



Kennel Hunting Choir's v/ Benta Dons Mølle


Gandhi is from a HD/ED/OCD free litter. Litter also without ridgeless or DS.

Gandhi is training obedience and will participated in trials. He will be shown during 2013