07.05.2006 HillerÝd

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Photos: Sussan S. Jensen & Malene Jepsen

Matakima Axel (son of Mairangi Fakima and Kuzonga's Aurelijus)

Youth class - 5 entries

"Canít get any prize when you canít control the bite, a very beautiful youth dog who should get more ring training, very beautiful lines and movements, and beautiful ridge"

no price - (KIP)


It's was soooo great to see Axel again. Axel is so far the only offspring of Auri living in Denmark. He is german breed but imported here to Denmark. The owner isn't so much into showing, and when the owner came, he wasn't sooo happy about going in the ring so (of course) I offered to show the really handsome Auri son. Even when not trained, Axel moved beautifully and almost stood perfect, but without enough training in showing teeth, he didn't let the judge do that, and that's the reason for no price :-( The judge almost got mad at me for not having trained the dog, since he was totally in love with him. He would easily have won his class if he just had shown thoese stupid teeth, that the judge told me when I later was in with Cike.... even then he hadn't forgotten Alex :-) Soo, Alex must home and train, and be sure, he will be back out and showing off :-) I look VERY much forward to see Axel in the ring again!





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