07.05.2006 Hillerød

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Photos: Sussan S. Jensen & Malene Jepsen

Kuzonga's Cirkeline

Youth class - 5 entries:
"For the time much to thin. Need better chest, head should be stronger, she could have more stop, nice neck, standing good on her legs, moves ok. Need more time"
Very good

Well, there is only one to blame for that "Very good" and that isn't either dog or judge, but the owner/handler. I shouldn't have brought Cike when she was so thin (both Cike and J'Adore have had some really bad stomach problems for some days last week, and first Friday was okay again) Well, but I now learned it the hard way, don't show a over weight or under weight dog. Maybe I will remember till next time :-)

Maybe thin, but still moving with great enthusiasm and joy!


Sitting so the judge could see the ridge. Some of the dogs didn't know a sit command....hmm... and one it wasn't at all possible to get to sit. Little scaring I think, that some people don't even train the most commom things....

And yes, it's on peepers there isn't anymore photos of Cike, since she looked very skinny on all photos, and don't want to bring them here.

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