Bawabu Sharufa Siaju


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  Pedigree name Bawabu Sharufa Siaju
  Call name: Rufa
  Owner: Nina and Ari Vilhonen
  Breeder: Satu Laakso - Bawabu
  Date of birth: 13th May 2003
  HD: A (free)
  ED: 0 (free)
  Mentality test: Yes  - Approved with 200+ points. Gunshot proof
  Height: 66 cm
  Weight: 38 kg
  Colour: Red wheaten - livernose
This is why I choose Rufa:

First of all Rufa is a very handsome male, which is obvious from his photos. He is a stunning medium sized livernose with a fantastic mentality, as the very well known Babro Börjesson from Sweden described as "the ultimate RR temperament". Rufa isn't just a "pretty face" - but also trains obedience and agility and is very keen on lure coursing. Rufa is of a really nice litter where most of the dogs are x-rayed with really nice results. All individuals have complete and correct scissor bite as well as most of the dogs have passed a mentality test.

Though the last couple of years I have repeatedly found myself on the home page of Satu Laakso at Kennel Bawabu in Finland, and again and again I have looked at two males there. One of them was Rufa. In the summer of 2006 Rufa's sister "Olga" (FINCH ESTCH Bawabu Sudi Shangiliwa) had a litter with Sjalle's beloved daddy (Multi champion Ceasar van de Jack Bull´s Hoeve) the Bawabu Z-litter. Already from the birth this looked like a very promising litter. I - of course - kept an eye on the development of the small half siblings of my B-litter, and thereby half siblings of Sjalle. That litter amazed me over and over again. When looking back on Sjalle's litter I'm all in all very satisfied. Her puppies have grown into healthy beautiful ridgebacks with a very sweet outgoing temper, not giving their owners to much grey hair :-) Not that many of them will become show champions, since Sjalle had some puppies with ridgefaults. Rufa sired one litter at Kennel Stardust in Sweden, a litter of 9 puppies. 2 females and 7 males. Of the 7 males 5 was livernosed. By using Rufa, I hope to get really nice tempers just like in Sjalle's prior litter. Furthermore I would like not to get to many ridgefaults, a little more front on the dogs, and hope that Rufa with his livernose gene might give some nice and clear red colours. Sjalle has 2 offspring which some believe has a little to much dark in their coat. Sjalle most likely isn't a carrier of the livernose gene, which means I don't expect any livernosed puppies.

This litter will be as well Sjalle's as Rufa's 2nd litter and I surely expect a lot from this combination :-)